What a benefits for our customers!

In the first half of 2022, we kept track of the figures of all solar energy systems that we installed, including the results.

“How many systems have we installed?”

“What have the systems generated?”

But the most important question – especially in this time when energy rates have risen:

“How much have our customers actually saved
by investing in solar panels?”

See here the summary of our installed systems and what a solar energy system can do for you.

In the first 6 months of 2022, we have installed more then 200+ solar energy systems in the regions of Valencia and Alicante.


That is a total of +/- 2350 solar panels for residential use. The average installation has 10 panels


Which means we have installed a total of 1,000,000 Wp. Together, these installations generate 4000 kWh per day.

We have also already installed 600 batteries, which means +/- 3 batteries (7,68 kWh) per installation. This means that 1500 kW of battery capacity is stored per night, resulting in 547,500 kW per year


We also recently started offering car chargers! Easy and economical to charge your car at home.

Together, our customers have saved €1.200* per day, which has greatly reduced their energy bills.
*at 0.30€ kW price (average rate of our customers)

We are very pleased with these figures for the first half of the year, as we also contribute to a sustainable life.

These figures indicate that our customers have made the right choice by investing in a solar energy system.

  1. As they contribute to a sustainable Spain
  2. They receive a significant reduced energy bill

We expect that energy prices will continue to rise for the time being, making an investment in a solar energy system more and more interesting.

Would you like to know how much you can save on your energy bill by investing in a solar energy system? Please contact us via our contact form