Financing of solar panels for home owners

 Invest in a solar panel system 

 Invest in solar panels 

A photovoltaic system is an investment that pays for itself over time, while in the meantime you use the energy it produces. For this reason alone, it is strongly recommended to choose a solar panel system as an investment.

If you do not have the funds or don’t want to invest your own money because you prefer to have it on hand for other things, no problem! At SolarNRG you can have your system financed by CaixaBank at competitive rates. You will then repay an amount each month for a payment term chosen by you. The payment term varies from 3 to 48 months.

Here is an example of a calculation:

Will finance you 5,000.00 €
Months Start-up cost Monthly payment
3 123.50 € 1,707.83 €
6 186.00 € 864.33 €
12 236.00 € 436.33 €
18 334.00 € 296.33 €
24 406.50 € 225.27 €
30 526.00 € 184.20 €
36 596.00 € 155.44 €
48 686.00 € 118.46 €

If you are a CaixaBank customer, you only need your DNI or NIE and your bank account. If you are not a CaixaBank customer and you are a private individual, you will need your DNI or NIE and your bank account as well as proof of your income (pension, salary slip). A self-employed person (Autónomo) must submit the proof of presentation of the IRPF declaration.

For financing more than 10,000€, please contact us for more information.

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