SolarNRG for Business

Solar power is indispensable in modern business operations. To radiate sustainability as a company, but also to strengthen the competitive position by reducing (production) costs. In addition to sustainability, investing in solar power is therefore a good decision for your wallet.

We help you from giving the first advice quotation to the realization of a solar power system for your company.

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Increasingly shorter return on investment

Solar panels will benefit you for at least 25 years

Much lowerenergy bill

You can generate your own electricity by purchasing solar panels

Absolute added value to your property

By investing in solar energy you increase the value of your property

Little to no maintenance

Solar panels require little maintenance

  1. The solar panels capture daylight (both direct and diffused) and convert this into direct current.
  2. An inverter converts this into alternating current and extracts maximum energy from the solar panels.
  3. Generated electricity that loads the batteries so you can use it for example at night time when the solar panels do not generate electricity.
  4. A monitoring system monitors the performance of the solar power system.
  5. The fuse box distributes the generated power and used mains power to all your devices.
  6. These use both types of power and the meter keeps track of the yield and consumption.
  7. Generated electricity that you do not consume goes to the grid.

Lower energy bill

You can generate your own electricity by purchasing solar panels. You’ll no longer have to depend on the mains power grid for all your electrical needs. You might be able to generate sufficient energy to supply your household with 100% of your energy needs. Of course these initial profits are meant to earn back your investment.

Increased property value

By investing in solar energy you increase the value of your property. You will receive a higher energy rating if you have purchased solar panels. After all, the buyer no longer needs to make this effort and investment, and does benefit from lower energy costs.

Long lifespan

Solar panels have a long service life. Solar panels will benefit you for at least 25 years. If your period to recoup your investment for the solar panel system is 7 years, you will have a profit for 18 years!

Limit CO2 emissions

The energy that is generated by solar panels is clean energy. No CO2 is released during generation. This saves 60 kilograms of CO2 per m2 of solar panel per year. This way we can combat the greenhouse effect.

Sustainable source

Spain enjoys almost year round sunshine, even in winter there are plenty of sunny days. It’s a source that will not run out, unlike fossil fuels. By using solar energy, we can considerably reduce the use of fossil fuels and that in turn is better for our planet.

Low maintenance required

Solar panels require little maintenance. Most of the dirt that gets on the panels is automatically washed away. To maintain optimum efficiency, it is necessary to check the panels once a year for dirt or damage. This can also be checked by using a monitoring system that we offer as an option. We can of course also carry out this maintenance and cleaning work for you.

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Extra benefits

Beside the benefits like lower energy bill and increased building value there are other benefits that you may be eligible for.

Tax Deduction

Investing in solar panels can be very beneficial to reduce corporate taxes as it is a form of clean and renewable energy generation.

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