Your electricity bill

We always ask for an electricity bill to make a tailor-made quotation for a solar energy system. An invoice provides more insight into your use, the price you pay per kWh and what phase connection you have (mono or 3 phase).

In this blog you can read more about the components that have to do with solar energy installations, especially after the installation of solar panels such as the compensation for “autoconsumo” (sur plus).

We also inform you about the latest change with regard to the gas price, which also affects your electricity bill.

What is “Tope del Gas”?

“Tope del Gas” is a temporary measure enacted by the government. The aim of this measure is to regulate the price of electricity by setting a maximum price for gas. It concerns the gas that is used for the production of electricity.

This measure currently runs from June 15, 2022 to May 31, 2023.

What effect does this have on my energy bill?

On one side, electricity prices are currently lower than in the months before the adoption of the “Tope del Gas” measure.

On the other hand: Power stations buy gas on international markets, where there is no limit and therefore the market price is used. They must be financially compensated for the difference between the actual price and the “capped” price applicable in Spain.

The difference between the market price and the capped price is charged to the users. This is stated as a separate cost item on the invoices “Tope del Gas” or “Coste Intervención gas RDL 10/2022”

What is the compensation for “excedentes de autoconsumo”?

The energy that you produce through your solar energy installation and that you are not using at that time is sent to the electricity grid. You will receive compensation for this energy.

The minimum compensation per kWh is set in the Code (BOE) but can vary as each company can propose its own compensation. There are companies that, for example, keep 0.05 € per kWh, but variable prices are also a possibility.

The compensation is settled with the energy consumed. There is no netting in Spain, which means that you will never be paid but you could bring the cost of energy consumed to 0 €. You only pay the fixed costs of your connection.

Where can I see the compensation for what I feed back to the grid?

As soon as your system has been legalized and the network administrator has contacted your energy supplier, the supplier will offer you a contract change with regard to the feed-in.

The compensation will then be visible on the next invoice as “Compensacion Excedentes” or, for example, “Compensacion Autoconsumo”.

View an example of an invoice below.

The benefits for our customers

The benefits for our customers can be divided into several categories:

  • Generating from the solar panels
    During the day you generate electricity through the solar panels which you can use immediately. How much you generate is not reflected on the bill from your energy company. You can see this in the app of your solar energy system.
  • System with batteries
    If you generate more than you use during the day, this excess energy is stored in the batteries. You can then use this energy at night, when the solar panels are not generating anything – all this is automatic.
    This data can also be read back in the app of your solar energy system.
    Deze gegevens zijn ook terug te lezen in de app van uw zonne-energiesysteem.
  • Feed back to the grid
    You can see the return on the invoice. That is what is called under “con excedentes” or “autoconsumo”.

Below you can see an example of an invoice from one of our customers before the purchase of a solar energy system and an invoice after the installation and the feed-in activated.

An advantage of no less than € 450,00!

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