What is your Energy Label?

The European Union is working to make homes more sustainable and energy efficient by 2030 and has therefore set standards that homes must meet in order to be offered for rent or sale. These regulations are intended to ensure that all buildings in the European Union are energy efficient and environmentally friendly and meet high standards.

This means that new homes must be built with energy-efficient materials and technologies, such as solar energy installations, and that existing buildings with a low energy label must improve their energy efficiency.

In addition to these obligations from the European Union, you could also be eligible for an income tax return in Spain (IRPF-Renta*) if you have an energy certificate from before the solar energy installation and an energy certificate after the installation, where there is an improvement of at least 30% whether you receive energy label A or B. Something that is easy to achieve with a solar energy installation.

Do you already have an energy certificate?
Check whether your energy certificate is still valid.

If your energy certificate is no longer valid or you do not have one yet?
We can organize this for you.

Our engineer will then visit you to prepare this report and then register everything with the government body.

The price depends on the location and the number of square meters of the house.

Standard starting prices:

    • €230.00 + VAT for 1 certificate (after installation)
    • €325.00 + VAT for 2 certificates (1 before and 1 after installation)

Would you like us to organize the energy certificate(s) for you? Please send an email to info@solarnrg.es with, if you have it, your current energy certificate and your latest electricity bill.

Or fill in our contact form and choose option: Energy certificate