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The year 2022 is known for sky-high electricity bills, partly as a result of the war in Ukraine. An average household paid 38% more for electricity. This year was the year that the popularity of solar energy installations increased rapidly.

Daily evolution of the electricity price on the Spanish wholesale market

(2022 en 2023)
(2022 en 2023)

SolarNRG has been able to install more than 350 solar energy installations in the year 2022.

Many of our customers at the time had rates of €0.25-0.35 per kWh. Switching to solar energy was (and still is!) a good solution to reduce high electricity bills.

From 2023 to now, energy prices have fallen again. However, we have noticed that our customers still have the “old” (higher) rates and do not receive the best compensation for the energy that is returned to the grid.

Several energy companies have also developed some new services regarding solar energy installations, including, for example, a “virtual wallet” where the customer can store (convert) the energy that is returned to the grid and cannot be offset against the energy used. from kWh to €) and can use it to reduce subsequent bills.

To give our customers, the best rates and discounts, in addition to the installation and maintenance of solar energy installations, we have developed a new service in collaboration with a contact person from Iberdrola.

We would like to offer our customers and non-customers the following service package for €37.50 incl. VAT:

  • Check your invoice and give you advice
  • Create a comparison report with the Iberdrola rates (if you are not yet an Iberdrola customer)
  • Converting the contract to Iberdrola from another electricity supplier
  • Find the best rates at Iberdrola (if you are already an Iberdrola customer)
  • Contract “Online Plans” (you must have a Spanish telephone number and Spanish bank account)
  • Activate best compensation for the return delivery rate
  • Activate “Virtual wallet”.

If you would like to use this service package, send an email to info@solarnrg.es with your contact details and the electricity invoice as an attachment.

Or fill in the contact form: (choose option: “Licenses and other services”) and add your electricity invoice.