New product!

Recently SolarNRG started to offer a new product in the field of inverters.

Our new product, the micro inverters from “Hoymiles”, offers numerous advantages. Firstly, for installations up to 12 panels, the micro inverters from “Hoymiles” are a lot cheaper than traditional inverters, which can significantly reduce the total cost of the installation. In addition, the micro inverters ensure a more efficient conversion of solar energy, resulting in a higher efficiency and more yield.

Another advantage of the micro inverters from “Hoymiles” is that they provide better monitoring and control of the solar system. This means that any faults or problems can be quickly detected and resolved, maximizing the productivity of the solar system.

In short, the micro inverters from “Hoymiles” offer a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for solar energy installations. With these innovative products you can take full advantage of the benefits of solar energy.

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