What is this EU-subsidy?

From January 2022 we can submit applications for an EU contribution for solar energy installations. There is an amount of 60 million (more or less) to be distributed and this applies to both residents and non-residents.

The help is:
The system: € 600.00 per kWh installed power for installations up to 10 kW | instalations bigger than 10 KW: €450.00 per kWh
Batteries: €490.00 per kWh installed battery capacisty up to 10kW | instalations bigger than 10 KW: €350.00 per kWh

The subsidy amount is generally around 50% of the investment. The first applications are processed first, so the sooner they are submitted, the greater the chance that the subsidy will be paid out. We cannot give any guarantees as to whether the subsidy will actually be paid out. Please note that the payout can take up to 2.5-3 years from the date of presentation.

How can I apply for this EU-subsidy?

We can apply for the EU subsidy for you. We will then need the following:

  • NIE-number/residence certificate (TIE)
  • Passport/ID
  • Bank certificate (spanish bank)
  • ACCV code (digital certificate)
  • Tax domicile certificate (if you are a non-resident)

Our employees, Claudia and Martine, will inform you about this as well as support you in requesting these documents. They will also take care of the other technical documents

Claudia Oudenaar

Martine Seurynck

What does this application cost?

The cost of the EU subsidy application is €300 + VAT. This is purely for the work of our employees and engineers; assisting, completing and processing the forms and organizing the (technical) certificates.

Any costs for the translation of the tax domicile certificate are not included.

You have already applied for the EU subsidy for me.
What is the status of my application?

The Generalitat indicated that it had a response time of 6 months. In practice, however, it has been shown that this has increased to 9-10 months. At the moment we have only received questions regarding files that we have submitted up to and including the end of January.

The responses we received only contain the question whether we could clarify things (these applications were submitted before they changed some requirements).

Not a single EU grant application has yet been rejected, nor has it been approved. If an EU grant application is approved, it can even take up to 18 months before the actual payment is made.

Unfortunately, it is a long process where our patience is clearly tested.

We will inform you about your case as soon as we receive a response.